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I had shoulder and collar bone issues for over a year, slowly got worse as time went on. Saw my regular physician, physical therapist, massage therapist for a month, and even tried acupuncture for a month... none of them helped.
I saw Dr. Bachler and after a couple weeks I noticed a complete change. I've been seeing him since Nov of 2013 and continue seeing him every 2 weeks. Last year I was in so much pain I could barely do anything and ended up in the E.R.,
thanks to Dr. Bachler I barely have any issues today. He also has started to see my 21 month old for occasional adjustments. Dr. Bachler and his staff are extremely friendly and they have your best interest at heart. I highly recommend his services
 Mercedes H. Leander TX

I began seeing Dr. Dan after a car wreck.  Within two weeks, I felt better than before the wreck!  I am now on a once a week maintenance program, and I feel great.  
I enjoyed it so much that my 10-yr-old and 5-yr-old also go once a week for an adjustment.  We are all in Martial Arts, and find that we are "out-of-whack" from time to time.  
Dr. Dan has a great family plan that makes it affordable for all of us.  We hope to see Dr. Dan for years to come!
Chelsea R. Pflugerville TX

Dr. Bachler is such a pleasure to work with.  I feel wonderful after each adjustment.  He really takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns and that makes me feel valued and safe. I also appreciate that he takes the time to explain and teach you about what his plan is and what your body needs or how your body is responding.  He's very thorough.
 I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and Dr. Bachler and has helped me to manage my aches and pains so I'm not hobbling around.  =)  His office is beautiful and clean. You can tell that Dr. Bachler really enjoys what he does, and these days, that is rare such a blessing.  It comes through in the way he treats his patients. My husband and I have been so impressed!  I highly recommend him.
Melanie S. Hutto TX

We met Dr. Bachler at the Chilipfest in Pflugerville this year.  I had been suffering from right hip pain, right foot issues that required orthotics, and over all discomfort in my lower back.  The foot issues had gotten so bad that surgery was scheduled. After my initial visit Dr. Bachler concluded that my hip was out of alignment causing my right leg to be slightly shorter than the left.  After the first adjustment amazing things started happening.  I could jog again, my foot pain started to subside and overall quality of life improved.  After several treatments...... even more improvements.
I could not recommend any higher Bachler Chiropractic.
John C. Pflugerville TX

to Deaf patients --
To Deaf friends (Austin Area), Dan Bachler in Pflugerville knows ASL to
communicate with deaf patients.
If you need help with your back problems, please contact him
for appts. Most insurances are accepted. For my experience with Dan, he is patient and flexible and cares for your needs. You will feel relaxed and enjoy to communicate with him.  
Sherri J. Austin TX

I have only been seeing Dr. Dan for a short while but he was able to find a problem with my neck that other chiropractors have not noticed or have just blown off. Since I have been going I feel so much better! Dr. Dan has also been very helpful when it comes to financials. I could not afford my treatments all at once so Dr. Dan helped me figure out a plan that would work for me! I highly recommend Dr. Dan to anyone who has any chiropractic needs!
Noe A. Georgetown TX
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