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What causes neck pain?

Vertebral misalignment's, Poor posture, sports injuries, a car accident,

There can be many things that cause neck pain. The important thing is to be checked out if you are having neck pain.

I've heard cracking my own neck is not safe, why is it safe for a chiropractor?

After a Chiropractor examines you and finds a diagnosis, He or she can provide a very specific adjustment to restore proper position and function to a joint.

Cracking your own neck can cause more damage or increase mobility to a heightened level that will cause a joint to be too loose.

I had a car wreck recently, what should I do?

Please get examined by a licensed professional ASAP. If you are having numbness or tingling do not hesitate to seek treatment.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, a whiplash injury can occur with speeds as low as 5 mph
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